Photographs of Birds and Mammals Seen in NE Brazil in Feb. 2000

Buffthroated Purpletuft
Black-eared Fairy
Barred Antshrike
Blue Dacnis
Burrowing Owl
Collared Crescent-chest
Golden-fronted Parakeet
Hooded Visorbearer
Lear's Macaw (world wild population barely 200)
Pale-throated Serra-finch
Planalto Hermit
Pygmy Nightjar
Rusty-backed Antwren
Seven-colored Tanager
Spix's Macaw (last free-flying bird in the wild--seen thru x60 scope at 500m)
Short-tailed Nighthawk
Stripe-breasted Starthroat
White Monjita
Tufted Ear Marmoset
Tufted Ear Marmoset